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I started taking photographs with a disposable camera when I was in public school. After they became developed I would create something more out of them. What I strive to do is to create more than just a photograph, more than just text, I try to put meaning behind it all. The photographs on this blog have been taken by me, unless i absolutely state otherwise. Enjoy ♥

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being. - Oscar Wilde

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Back to School Tutorials !

Check out my Beauty link to see more on Back to School looks! Are you excited for School? Let me know! Here’s a quick and easy look for any day!


I’m stuck in bed, healing from my wisdom teeth removal. I’m unable to post any of my higher quality photos today so I will be posting some from my instagram until I have it set up directly from my phone (I’ve been re-working my blog for the past few days) 

I am planning to be more of a regular poster (and this time I swear!) So keep your eyes open for me! Hope to hear from some of you & get back in touch. Sorry for such a long wait. 

Love you all & enjoy!

fierce-beautyxo-deactivated2013 : hey I love your blog :)

Thanks Girl! : )

Music Monday: Top 5 Weekly Picks

Hey guys, thought I would try something new. Just want to share what I’ve been listening to with you! Here we go.

1. First pick of the week goes to Pierce the Veil with their song The First PunchThis new rock band from San Diego, California has been a non-stop listen for me. Saw them in concert recently here in Toronto, amazing live. Check the song out here , from their album Collide With the Sky.

2. My second pick is Ellie Goulding from her new album, Halcyon and it’s the song In My City. Ellie is a English singer/songwriter and has had her music featured on popular commercials like Apple I-pod. Take a listen here and fall in love with her pop-electronic mix.

3. You may have heard of this English songstress on the Gotye track ‘Somebody I used to know’ but Kimbra has her own album Vows. Its an interesting mix of alternative pop. Her self written songs are inspiring and theatrical. Take a listen to Two Way Street here.

4. ISSUES, a metalcore band formed this past summer of 2012 broke onto the scene with a lot of hype. They released a cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ in Punk Goes Pop (Who knows what edition) I haven’t stopped listening to Love. Sex. Riot. Take a listen from their EP Black Diamonds.

5. If you’re looking for a tune to cheer you up during these gloomy winter days look no further. Jasmine Ash has a beautiful Indie voice and her upbeat music is something to look forward to. To take a listen to Lulls click!

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