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I started taking photographs with a disposable camera when I was in public school. After they became developed I would create something more out of them. What I strive to do is to create more than just a photograph, more than just text, I try to put meaning behind it all. The photographs on this blog have been taken by me, unless i absolutely state otherwise. Enjoy ♥

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October Favorites!

Hey guys! So i’ve been SO AWAY from Tumblr lately. I apologize, and I know most just like my photos, so i’ll be posting some for the next 3 days especially! Today I’m going to show you some of my favourites from October! Ready?! Lets go!

Going to start off with these two lip products. I’m in love with these! The gold tube is from Too Faced, I think this is actually a lip butter? But I’m probably wrong. Its in the shade Naked Dolly (Creepy) haha, It gives a nice moisturizing nude tint and it just ends up looking SO natural. The next is the all famous Baby Lips from Maybellne, who doesn’t have at least one of these? It’s an all around good lip balm all year round, but I have been using it religiously lately! 

Okay, i’m stoked on this eye pigment from Mac. It’s called Vanilla and you can use it on ANYTHING. The colour is gorgeous and i’ve been using it a lot more latley than when I first purchased it. These will last you FOREVER. You also don’t have to only use it on your eyes, you can use it as a highlight as well! And they are always available at Mac stores, because its not just an annual product.

I actually got the Stila Natural Eyes palette for Christmas last year, and I used it a ton when I first got it, but after buying new palettes it was kind of in the bottom of my makeup case. So I pulled that bad boy back out and I can’t stop using it. I feel like all the colour give great combinations, and they are all perfect fall colours. one thing I wish this palette had was a deep purple!

This is the Rimmel London palette called Urban Seductress. My first ever makeup palette. I literally forgot this existed for the longest time, and I was looking for a good blush, low and behold here are three adorable fall shades. Unfortunately, they don’t give out the names of these shades…and I have NO idea where or if you can still get this palette anywhere. But i’m sure you could find duplicates for any of these colours. 

Last but not least, I just recently bought this TRESemme heat protectant! I love it and I use it every time I apply heat to my hair (which happens to be A LOT) Try it out! Honestly its a miracle worker!

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Outfit Of The Day

Hey guys! Today I decided to do an outfit of the day, A. Because I really enjoy how my outfit looks today and B. because I got this new berry coloured scarf that i’m in love with. So i’m ready to get started if you are!

Alright, so the scarf is actually from Ardene! Yeah shocker. I did not expect to find a thick, long and beautiful coloured scarf there at all, for only FIVE dollars, yes $5.00 .. is your jaw on the ground? Because mine is. I got it with a belt for 2 for $10.00. I am a happy ass camper.

So underneath the cardigan I am wearing just a plain H&M tank top dress in black. You can find these all the time in the basic section. I don’t remember how much it was, but i’m sure it wasn’t over $20.00. The cardigan is Forever 21 ! I really like the material because its not too thick and it’s easy to pull a coat over top, especially because it isn’t super cold here in Canada yet. The cardigan came to $21.80, but I did get it a while ago, so i’m not sure if they’ll still have it.

For the accessories, I’m wearing both H&M, a ring that my mom actually gave me years ago, and the belt, which was something small like $6.80. I love the belt because I get TONS of use out of it!

Last but not least, these are my Fall/Winter boots! I just recently got them from ALDO. They were about $140.00. But they are super duper accessible and I think that they are going to last a long time because they are genuine leather. They had a few colours, so check them out if you’re looking for a military boot. As a side note, they are extremely comfortable.

Thats it for today guys, follow me on Instagram to get all of my OOTD updates, I post everyday! Hellloemily on there too! 

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Outfit of the Day

Hello everyone! When I got dressed this morning I knew I had to share this outfit with you guys! Most of the items I usually have on are pretty cheap or they are thrift store bought! So most items should be easy to find! Ready, set, go! : )

Alright, So the the vest is actually from Top Shop (the most expensive piece in this outfit) it came to about $48.00 i believe. Probably my favourite thing about this vest is the fact that it had frayed sleeves. Its a small detail but it gives the illusion of being worn out. I also really really liked the texture of the denim, it’s really soft and well made.

The shirt is actually a t-shirt dress from H&M. I just folded up the bottom and tucked it into the high waisted shorts. The dress/top has kind of a rough grainy look & helps give this look that edge I was hoping for. The shorts are actually from a thrift store (originally pants) and I carefully cut them to the desired length that I wanted them to be at! The two of them together probably cost me under $10.00.

I decided to go with an easy heeled ankle boot. Now these boots are pretty old & i’m pretty sure they don’t sell these anymore, but I bought them last fall at Payless Shoes for about $25.00! They are the most simple heels to walk in EVER. I have never been so satisfied with a pair a shoes before in my life. If I can walk in them for days, then you probably can too! Not too mention they are perfect for this upcoming fall season. Lets also not forget the very important accessories! I’m wearing a ring from H&M but I don’t think there is a very good picture of it (It’s super old anyway) My necklace is from ALDO Accessories and it resembles a rosary ( 2 for 1 deal) . My nail polish is pretty old, but its Nicki Minaj Metallic 4 Life and China Glaze’s Pool Party on the accent nail.  

If anyone has any questions or anything they would like to see from me just let me know! Follow me on Twitter & Instagram for all of my updates! Love you guys! <3

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Fashion Haul : What I’m Wearing


The other day I decided to go downtown and pick some items up to wear to my friends 20th birthday this weekend. We are going downtown and when I looked in my closet I didn’t find anything appropriate, so there really is only one thing to do in that situation…go shopping! I took a look in a few of my favourite stores and found some things that I thought you would like to see! I’ll show you some of the items I purchased now and the final look later on in the weekend. Ready?

First thing I new exactly what top I was wearing, so I tried to base my outfit off of that. The top is black and I wanted my nails to match. I went to Trade Secrets and picked up two different nail polishes! The first is Nicki Minaj OPI ‘Metallic 4 Life’ (Its a thick glitter and doesn’t need much of a base coat underneath) and the second is Misa nail lacquer in ‘I Will Survive’ (which is just a basic black) 

The next stop I made was to H&M (of course) in hopes to look for a bottom to go with my black top. I picked up a very simple high waisted hot pink skirt for only $6.95! Clearly excited about this deal I ended up splurging a little on a rose pearled collar with pink rhinestones. It came to about $19.85 (which I find expensive) but I knew it would work with my outfit. I figured that I might bring a pop of colour back while the warm weather is still here.

Next I made a stop at Spring. If you don’t know what Spring is, it’s run by the same organization that runs ALDO. Basically its shoes & accessories that look the same for a much better price. While I was there I picked up a cute set of 6 earring for only $10.00, i’m still unsure as to what pair i’m going to wear tonight though. I also picked up a pair of short black suede platform heels for only $50.00! (Not too shabby)

Last but certainly not least, I took my last look in Sephora! Lately i’m IN LOVE with Too Faced products and a friend had recommended me to the shadow insurance collection. Last week I picked up the glitter glue one and this time I bought the original Shadow Insurance for $26.00. Not really an amazing price but it will last forever! I also have a picture of my Kat Von D palette (in Saint) up there but I bought that in the summer for close to $50.00 (i love ALL the shades) and I will be wearing it for my friends birthday!

I can’t wait to show you all the final look later on & i’m definitely excited to put it all on! Have any questions? go ahead an ask away! Also let me know what YOU think of any products that I bought or should try out! I love hearing from you & seeing what you think! Thanks for staying tuned, Love you guys <3

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